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About FlexiWarm Technology


FlexiWarm Technology Ltd is a UK company licenced to sell a unique ultra-thin, low voltage heating foil. Not only have the technologists developed and patented a new generation of foils on top of these state-of-the-art conducting plastics, but they have added extra levels of effectiveness, previously unimagined:  


These now place the product at the forefront of the heating foil market.


FlexiWarm Technology Ltd offers expertise ranging from product design, manufacturing and retailing of a wide range of products using LOW VOLTAGE HEATING designed to deliver an effective source of Radiant Heat relative to your specific requirements.

Some examples of markets we operate in:


Interior Heating Systems. (12and 24Volt applications)

The DIY HEATING system deliverers 100% of the RADIANT HEAT to the intended target up to 2m away.  By comparison, convected heat is transported from the source to the entire room space with as much as 35% of the energy required to generate such heat wasted either from the heat generator, in transit or from poor insulation that exists in most buildings. 

Unlike other forms of heating, our technology poses NO risk to exposure of CARBON MONOXIDE poisoning. Our PORTABLE HEATERS are ideal for camping and caravaning.


Nearly every home or company has a form of secondary heating to boost the heat on cold days. Using conventional forms of electric heating such as fan heaters which can cost substantially more per hour compared to using our AFFORDABLE HEATING system.

STAFF WELFARE (Information for Office and Industrial use only)

It is a well known fact that staff will be more content at their work stations if the level of heat comfort meets their individual requirements. Our 12V radiant DESK HEATERS can offer this individual approach to controlling heat requirements and eliminate waste generated from general room heaters. In addition, our heaters are silent so don’t pose a noise issue in confined office spaces. It offers the ideal solution for HOME WORKING. Our DESK HEATERS offer close heat source instead of ruuning the main heating system.

Cost Reduction and Lower CO₂ Emissions (Information for Office and Industrial use only)

REDUCING electricity cost and CO₂ footprint is sure way to increasing your profits.  Our AFFORDABLE HEATING can help with these initiatives.

APPAREL: (7.2-12Volt Applications)

PERSONAL HEATING SYSTEMS for internal or external use. Specifically designed for non-active uses including sports and rehabilitation from injuries, but can be used as a general source of heat for all ages. Reduce your heating bills by wearing one of our personal heaters throughout the house or office. For more information; please email to: info@flexiwarmtechnology.com


Horticulture: (12-48Volt Applications)

Ideal proven heating systems for all forms of horticultural uses, including under soil heating for sports grounds or golf courses. Works under artificial surfaces to prevent frost and snow forming on the surface. For more information please email to: info@flexiwarmtechnology.com